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Phillip very generously drove us to bus station at 6am...luckily he returned later and clarified that the bus/van only goes half way to ....... and then we get a second one to Cayenne. Left here at 8:45 arr at 3:30pm. Three buses...35, 31, & 5 euros each to cross river. The noise of the loud music gave me a huge headache even wearing earplugs...or maybe it was the crazy, fast driving! The first two drivers only had loud music but the last was trying to impress a woman sitting in front next to him. Being macho, he spent most of his energy/attention talking w/ her, eyes looking forward at road perhaps 30% of the time, maybe, while going 80-85mph on hilly, curvey, 2 lane road, only left hand on the wheel...his right was either gesturing or pressing on the seat as we make fast left hand turns, to keep himself upright. His body was actually turned mostly in her direction which often made it difficult to shift gears the few times he tried. He was so distracted that when we reached St. George he drove right by the police station where we had to get our stamp & ck out of F.G. We had to walk half a mile back and then return to boat dock, just enuf time for a rainstorm to catch us on the river crossing over to Oiapoque, Brazil. The bridge which was to be finished in 2007 still not even half done, ha!

Getting soaked we ckd on buses to Macapa and signed up for one lvg at 10am tomor (rather than leave today at 6...enuf travel for one day). After hiking the 10 blocks to police ck in for stamp into Brazil, we head to semi-run down Arizona Hotel, 40r for rm w/ AC and bath...clean tho. Didn't get to bank and back to bus office in time to pay so hopefully we still have seats tomor. We eat in a self-serve restaurant where we don't need to know the Portuguese - just help ourselves to platters of veggies, etc, by weight - $9 US but haven't had a meal all day!

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