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Monument Valley

Navajo roadside stand

Monument Valley


Lake Powell

Bill, Wendy, Donna, Bear, Jaxson, Benny

Bear loves the boat

Dog cove on the lake

Dog cove


Bear does not like to swim

Shallow water dog

Saturday through Monday, October 2-4

Lake Powell (near Page, Arizona)

As we left Moab pulling the trailer we passed ‘Hole in the Wall’ – we couldn’t stop as the turn was too sharp for the rig. It looked like an intriguing place and on our next visit we’ll check it out. Probably just another tourist trap but who can resist a store in a cave?

When you drive through Monument Valley you understand why so many Westerns have been filmed here! We stopped at a Navajo roadside stand; Scott took photos of the monuments all around us as he walked Little Bear and I looked at the jewelry on display. A few hours later we pulled into Lake Powell and Bill directed us to our site.

Sunday and Monday we motored across Lake Powell on Wendy and Bill’s pontoon boat to a secluded sandy cove situated between two rock cliffs. The sand stretched from the beach almost all the way to the top of the cliffs. There were seven us of us (including Wendy and Bill’s dogs, Jaxon and Benny). The three dogs thoroughly explored the area, Scott, Wendy and I climbed the sand hill while Bill swam in the bay.

Although it doesn’t rain often here, when it does it’s a gulley washer! Wendy drove us to Page during a downpour and as we were going over the Glen Canyon Dam I saw many waterfalls cascading over the canyon rim. We visited a thrift store then went grocery shopping at Wal-Mart. Bill and Scott went fishing at the floating dock and were chased back to the trailers when the storm hit.

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