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After 5 days, we extracted ourselves from Piacenza and headed for Cremona. Julia's knee was still bothering her, so the most direct route was in order. Or more to the point, since we had decent details about our route along the Po River, making no wrong turns was the key.

About halfway through, Julia ponders whether her knee will hold out. Tomas suggests we can stay in the sleepy village we were passing through. After a seconds thought, it was Cremona or bust!

So we rolled into Cremona with no expectations or knowledge of the town, but we are much the wiser now. Home to Amati, Stratavari and other famous violin makers, we arrived just in time for the annual violin festival, which featured violin maker Carlo Bergonzi. We now had plenty of reasons to rest Julia's knee, most of which involved free violin concerts during the opening weekend of the festival.

Now when we weren't partaking in the festival, we often went to our favorite cafe, which also happened to be a favorite of the polizia. And we learned a few things in observation of the Polizia. One, they like to drink wine, of the white variety during their lunch break, and second, at least one of them drives a Lamberghini police car. Now that is someone who is living right!

And one final discovery in Cremona, Julia and pesto don't mix so well. As much as she loves the taste, the afteraffects are not worth it. Tomas was immensely helpful, ensuring that happy hour still proceeded even though Julia was not up for it!


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