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Our campsite as viewed from FR 409

Our new campsite


View from the roof

Telephoto shot of Crescent Lake from our campsite

Telephoto of Big Lake from our campsite

Crescent Lake on the left and Big Lake of the right

Crescent Lake as viewed from from the roof of the rig

Our nearest neighbor from the roof of the rig

Our new campsite is very special indeed! It's so quiet up here, except for the bugling of the elks, the howling of the coyotes, and the wind thru the trees. It took us quite a while to find a place where we could level the rig, but it was worth the effort. We were trying to get the big front window facing the big view but that was impossible, so we ending up placing it with the side of the rig facing the big view to be able to get it leveled.

We sat around our big fire last evening listening for hours to the bugling of the elks and watching the nearly full moon come up in the east.

This morning we ate our breakfast outside looking at the big view. What a great way to live!!

Our current plan is to stay here thru tomorrow and leave here early Wednesday morning heading to Show Low to check that area out for future reference.

Friday morning early we'll leave there heading for Gold Canyon where the temperatures are currently in excess of 100 degrees. We have commitments there or we'd certainly stay here longer where the daytime temperatures are in the 70's and the nighttime temperatures are in the 40's. Nearly perfect!! In the future we'll likely not return to Gold Canyon until later in October to avoid this hot weather as much as possible.

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