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Flying like superman in the dark

A visit from a puppy

Well we are home now. It was down to 42 last night so we know the furnace still works. But by 9 am it was quite nice out nice an sunny and no wind. We had a quick breakfast and folks started packing up. Goodbyes were exchanged and folks started pulling out. This is the last club campout of the year and some are leaving within the month for Texas and Florida. We could take our time as Bonnie had a meeting at the Chapel in Getzville for her third trip to the Dominican Republic. I drained the holding tanks and rinsed them so we are ready to winterize. We arrived at the Chapel just as the last service was departing. This is a large church 1000 plus for each service so it was interesting going upstream as most were leaving. But we made it no problem. Alexus and I left for home as Bonnie had a ride home.

We stopped to top off the fuel tank at Flying J and then head home. When I came out from getting our receipt I noticed green fluid on the ground at the rear. Yep the engine coolant is leaking from the radiator. I checked the hoses and they are dry. Will have to take it and have it looked at more $$. But thankfully we have an extended warranty that will cover it.

All in all it was another great campout and it is fun being with the other club members. So thats the last planned trip for the year. Thanks for checking in.

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