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"Guess what, we are very near the Swiss border. Let's cycle over there for lunch on our test ride" Tomas suggested and Julia, still a bit sleepy agreed. It should have been a 40-50 km ride round trip. After getting lost at least 4 times, going in (hilly) circles at least twice and generally getting a bit frustrated, we ended up doing 100 km (62 miles). Oh yeah, we made it to Switzerland, for 5 minutes, saw no trattoria's and returned to Italy.

Now we learned quite a few things about cycling in Italy. First, road signs - basically they are plentiful when you don't need them and completely absent when you do! You can also see a sign that says " Como-15km", ride one kilometer and the next sign says "Como-25 kilometer" then cycling two kilometers and the next sign says "Como-15 kilometer", all on the same road! Now there is plenty more we learned, but exhausted, we decided to eat, rest and get ready for the next day.

It's pretty clear, we are going to get used to the Italian " don't worry, you'll get there" attitude, or spend months riding in circles. Regardless, it'll be interesting!


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