Summer and Fall 2010-Newfoundland travel blog

Glass salmon.

View from the highway.

View from the Discovery Centre.

The Tablelands.












Mussel feast.

Trout River for lunch.


Don't mess with moose.

When we got up this morning the weather was breaking and blue sky was showing. Off to The Tablelands for a guided walk that started at 10:00. Stopped at the Discovery Centre to buy our daily park passes ($10/each) and then drove to the Tablelands parking lot to met our interpreter. He was a French and had visited Newfoundland 9 years ago and stayed. A great 2+ hour walk along a fairly level trail with 7-8 stops where he talked about the rocks and plants. It was fascinating! The Tablelands is a small section of the park where rocks from the earth's crust and mantle stick up. It is one of only 4 such locations in the world. The rocks are a red colour and he described them as so full of heavy metals that they are toxic. After our walk we headed to Trout River for lunch at another hidden gem, The Seaside Restaurant. Wonderful seafood. Marilyn had mussels (2 days in a row) and chowder. I had pea soup and a fishburger (cod). Everything was delicious. Back to the Discovery Centre. Looked at all the exhibits including a beautiful piece that contains about 100 life-size glass salmon swimming upstream. We took a picture but it doesn't do it justice. They had individual salmon for sale at $130 but were sold out. I think it would have looked great in our living room but the DW wasn't as sure. While at the Discovery Centre we reserved our passage on the ferry (wireless internet) because where we are staying doesn't have phone coverage. We will leave the island on Wednesday September 22 at 11:30 AM and arriving in North Sydney (if we aren't late) at 5:30 PM. We'll then take a day to drive The Cabot Trail (weather permitting) and then head home. It will probably take 3-6 days to get home depending on which way we come and how far we decide to drive each day. That's the plan as of today. The only thing we are sure of is the ferry reservation. After the Discovery Centre we drove to Woody Point, another small village across for Norris Point ( where we went when we were at Rock Harbour). During the summer there is a passenger ferry that goes back and forth but it was not running. Back to the campsite for some more CBC TV. Watched sports day in Canada, dinner and then bed.

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