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In Manaus, the city bus to long distance bus terminal was easy after asking at least 6 different people (of course, no Portuguese involved, just our usual written/hand motion communications, ha) and getting 6 different answers. Finally, a fellow running a small vending stand (lots of 'em here!) basically flagged one for us and half hour later we were at station an hour early! We always try to take the buses when possible even tho it gets pretty involved and we sometimes end up taking lots longer, but the cost is significantly less i.e. here 5r. vs 25 r. ($2.50 vs $10 US). And you get more of a feel for the cities and people thru the process of getting from point A to B...anyone can hail a taxi, just more 'bubble' movement, tourist style!

Bus lvs at 10am arr. in B.V. at 11 pm. A very nice AC bus, but less than an hour into the ride a young mother with baby crying insists on opening a window (the baby is bundled and on a pillow, plus she hasn't pulled the curtain so the sun is coming in on the poor thing). Of course, the initial breeze cools the kid and it stops crying, but the affect is to bring in hot air and humidity from outside. The bus had just begun to cool down when this happened, but failing to understand AC I guess, within the next hour the whole bus is hot and humid and many of the rest of the passengers open THEIR windows as well! At the 1st stop I tell the driver best I can and he talks to someone else...I was not in the bus at the time but Bon said another guy came on, felt the AC coming out, talked to the couple next to us who apparently claimed it wasn't working but Bon said she told him it was! Next thing we know the driver opens the roof hatch and everyone begins opening their windows! Go figure! AC would have cooled us for the entire ride, but now until driver change (and the baby lady plus couple across from us have departed) at 7pm (8 hours of sweating) the new driver comes in and has everyone close windows/hatch...last 4 hours (coolest part of day after sunset) we got our AC ride, ha!

In B.V. we walk across street from bus station to Hotel Farroupilha (it's 11 pm and we're a taxi ride from city center)...dbl AC room, own bath, TV - all Portuguese - and a great breakfast for $42 US. Tired, we sleep.

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