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Hi all!

Just another quick email to say that we are up at the mountain safe & sound. We got here last night and couldnt see a thing on the resort as it was coated in a heavy cloud of fog but that has all cleared today and left behind blazing sunshine & an icy wind. The current temperature is 4 degrees (pretty cold for Oz) but alas no snow yet...apparently there is some heading our way on friday so fingers crossed.

Natalie and i moved into our apartment last night and it is just gorge! we were running around squealing at totally mundane things like wardrobes, potato peelers, microwaves and joy of joy's a massive corner bath. When you have lived in hostels and out of a backpack for as long as we have you learn to appreciate the small things in life.

We cooked a lovely tea of sausages & roast veg in our spanking new oven and settled down to watch our brand new tv with mugs of hot chocolate.

Everything was pretty near to perfect until i got a rude awakening by Natalie at 8am. She was dashing round the bedroom with a torch looking behind the beds, drawers, doors etc etc. Bless her, she had been woken up about 10 mins before by something crawling up her arm. She knocked it off and heard it scurry away. When i awoke,the reason for the torch etc was her mad hunt for droppings....yep you guessed it - turns out we have a mouse!

anyone that knows me will know my chronic phobia to little rodents, so imagine my horror at natalie calmly telling me this at 8am. Im telling you if a rodent with "really cold feet" (to quote a eerily unhysterical natalie) had run up my arm i think you might have heard my screams in england.

so, after more investigative work we found some huge droppings that in my personal opinion could not have fitted out of a teeny tiny mouse. We reported it to our bosses and apparently we have a pygmy possum in residence. The little blighters are 'an endangered species' though so no bashing them over the head with a frying pan (natalie is gutted) - we have humane traps down and fingers crossed the nightmare will soon be over.

however until our visitor leaves, we are sleeping in another apartment.

why are these things never simple where i am concerned???

We start work tomorrow, natalie has got her marigolds out ready for frenzied cleaning and i am looking forward to sitting in a nice warm office all day.

will keep you all posted on our goings on

love vik & nats

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