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Benson Observatory

AZ bridges

YIPPEE!!!! We are home.

Vacations are great but getting home to your own bed is nice also.

The Observatory last night was a lot of fun. My favorite part was seeing the moon close up. That was amazing. Of course, we felt sorry for the poor dedicated gentleman who tried so hard to teach us something about the stars, etc. but he didn't realize he was going to have four adults who suddenly got the case of the giggles. I think the Sangria might have had something to do with that.

Soooo, the RV park was very nice, very clean, had a great pool BUT....there was a small issue of the trains that ran past the park all night long. We finally all woke up for good after 4:30 this morning. Why fight it. Ben, you'll appreciate this. Ted said it reminded him of an episode in "I Love Lucy" where the four of them went on a trip to California and spent a night in a cabin. There was a train that went by every few minutes. The walls rattled and shook and the beds would move across the floor.

I included a picture of one of our bridges in Arizona. This one is in Tucson. The bridges here are so beautiful.

Reality set in today that this is now Home. For the past five years, this is where we went on vacation. Now, this is where we come home after vacation. It feels good tonight to just sit with our feet up and relax and watch the beautiful sunsets.

This is my last entry for this trip. I'm not sure if I will continue doing blogs for all our trips. It is a lot of work.

Just a reminder that we are now three hours behind the East Coast.

Good Night!

States completed: NC, SC, GA, FL, AL, MS, TX, NM, AZ

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