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Ted supports local entertainer. Would you believe he just stood in that...

Natchez' Steamboat

Our afternoon cruise

The other steamboat

What do you think? Are Dianne & Ted calling each other on...

Looking bored or tired


Dining room of the Natchez

Paddle wheel

Paddle wheel power

We think this was a photo shoot. Rocks show how they built...

Row, row, row your boat

Check out how the docks where destroyed

Isn't this pretty? Oh, yeah, recognize the walkers?

Just liked this scene

Bourbon Street bar

While I blog, the rest of the group relax.... Boy, vacation is...

Day 2 at N'orleans has almost come to an end. Today was not without issues.

While driving to New Orleans, Dianne & Dave heard a big bang in the RV. We discovered what that was last night. I went to open the closet and it wouldn't open. Dianne tried and then discovered the entire closet shelf and clothes rack fell off the wall. Today's morning project for the guys was to find a Lowes and fix the closet. Happy to report they did and it's all fixed. What did Dianne & I do during this project? Laundry. Fun!

We then went into the French Quarter and on the Natchez' Steamboat cruise. Very nice but very hot. It is so unbelievable humid in this city. I don't ever want to hear from anyone that AZ is hot. This is far worse. At least we can breath in AZ and our clothes stay dry. As a matter of fact, it was so hot, sticky and stinky that I started to get sick. We had to duck into stores that had air conditioning and cut our walk short and go back to the RV. No beads for us tonight. HA HA!

There are so many street entertainers and street musicians here. Not to mention, drunks. We saw one "stray pirate" (as Dianne called him). We think he lost his boat and crew somewhere. I shouldn't have taken a picture of him.

It was interesting to see how the levees are so much higher than the houses on the other side. You could only see the 2nd floor or roofs of many of the houses. It's mind boggling to see how high the water was. The boat went right past the 9th ward that was devastated by the floods.

Again, we changed our itinerary. Two stops in Texas rather than three. The next stops are all one day stops and we expect to be home Thursday afternoon.

Tomorrow....on the road again!

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