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Joshua Tree in Mojave Desert

Lake Mead well below full pool

New bridge at Hoover Dam will remove traffic from dam

New York New York Casino and Hotel

Brooklyn Bridge at New York New York

Excalibur Casino and Hotel

Statute of Liberty at New York New York

Pharaoh at Luxoro Casino

Luxor Casino


Early to rise and depart today as we continue our return to the southeast. Yesterday we traveled 401 miles which is probably an all time record for us while towing the Fifth Wheel.

The trip today took us on through the Central Valley to Bakersfield where we then headed east across the Mojave Desert. There is little to report and without scenery once we left the valley. If you like dry, brown hills covered in rocks and dirt, you might like this part of the trip, but otherwise it is an area to be crossed to reach our destination.

Overnight, we stopped at Barstow after another full day of travel covering 362 more miles for a 763 mile total in two days.


Again, we got an early start, departing Barstow by 7:00 AM and drove to Boulder City, NV for a distance of 163 miles, arriving at our RVP by 10:00 AM. After checking in and eating an early lunch, we traveled out to the Hoover Dam for a tour. I have watched the dam being built several times on the Discovery Channel, but it is still quite a sight to see in person with thousands of you closest friends. After the dam tour, we returned to the RVP for a couple of hours and then drove into Las Vegas and toured the Strip. Even for non gamblers, it is a spectacle to be seen if you are in the area.

Before we left the Strip, we noticed is has begun to get dark noticeably earlier as we travel further south and east. It is especially noticeable in Las Vegas as it is located in a valley and the sun drops below the surrounding mountains much before the normal sunset.

Tomorrow we will be passing near the Grand Canyon, but will pass on going their again as we are in full travel mode to return home.


Another early departure with a long drive through the rest of the Mojave Desert, across the Colorado at Bullhead City, AR and then on north and east, passing through Flagstaff and Winslow before stopping for the day in Holbrook, AZ. I wanted to stop and stand on a corner in Winslow, Arizona but it was too windy to stand.

This is our second time in Holbrook where we stayed about 10 years ago while in this area. The Petrified Forest is located here but we have already seen it so no return trip will be made. Tomorrow, we will move on to New Mexico.

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