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I guess they are afraid of people.

Gorgeous grass and sea line!

Lots of mud puddles to watch out for.

I believe this is Mt. Walker which I drove to a few...

A very white log!

They called these "seal fences" not sure what was supposed to be...

Such a strange wet landscape.

To make a long story short, waterfalls are hard to find in this area. Beaches on the other hand are INCREDIBLY easy to find. Enter... Dosewallips State Park (and don't ask me how to pronounce that either).

It seemed the sole purpose of this beach was for oyster and clam fishing. Right as I arrived I could see a few people with shovels and buckets leaving. I'm not certain but I believe I got there as the tide was slowly coming back in. The area left uncovered by water is huge in this area! It's a marshy/bog type area with freshwater entering the sea. Most of the area I walk was either muddy, wet sand or covered in clam and oyster shells (much like gravel).

I don't know if all of the shells were from fishing or if that's just how they naturally collect on the beach when they die. To be honest, I know NOTHING about clams or oysters and I couldn't tell you the difference between the two shells I was seeing everywhere. However, the beach had a fantastic view of the mountains and the sea. So maybe I had no clue what most people do at this beach but I at least knew it was quite beautiful and different from the other beaches I'd visited so far.

A sign said that the seals sometimes sit on the shore there but I couldn't find any. (Though I did hear some odd sounding squeaks and noises coming from some unseen place, maybe seals?)

Check out the pictures for the beautiful diversity of the this beach!

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