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Walking with the lions





game capture

the release of the game

aerial view of the park


















Fire pit

where we ate everyday


The owner of the park, afraid he's only one arm ouch!! was...

minister of the environment and tourism giving speach when lions were released

Our time at Antelope park was fantastic. This was the general outline of our days at the park.

6;30 up and feed the baby cubs (at the start we were bottle feeding them, they then changed to mince meat and milk and then we put them on steaks) Over the four weeks they went from bearly walking to climbing up trees.

8:30 breakfast

9:30- 12:00 either enclosure cleaning or feeding which was great, as got to go around and see all the lions. There were a total of 90 lions in the park.

1pm lunch

2-6 either horse riding or elephant riding out t seem the game in the park, we could go right next to impalla, zebra, wilderbest and gariffe. In the evening we always had a lion walk.

Lion walks were with three different sets of lions, (all under 2 years of age, after that they become real lions and can eat you. We usually brought them on an hour and a half walk sometimes six hours. The older lions that we walked were great as one of them was always staking and sometimes would catch prey whilst on the walk with us. It was amazing experience.When the lions are this young they seen humans as part of there pride and just follow us.

The owner of the whole programe was called Andrew Connolly, he set this programe up to increase the population of lions in Africa. The idea is the bread lions take the lion cubs away from mothers at three weeks then get full human interaction all day long. Thw walks are to let the lions practice hunting. Once they reach 2 years old they are retired (no more lion walks ) no they've become teenagers and are unrelibale. The retired lions are brought on night encounters with vehicles. Night encounters is where we drive at night time with the lions and hopfully the lions make a kill with the game in the park. At 4-5 years old they do not need humans anymore so Andrew Connolly set up a relesase site for these lions. WHile we were there 7 lions were released. Eventually these lions will breed and populations will increase.

For this new release programe we had to do a game capture. This was where a helecopter herded game into an enclosed area then we herded them into a truck then taken to the release site.

Everything was so interesting. After the lions were relesed we spent time researching how they were getting on. In three days they had killed 4 prey.

We will never forget this whole experience. I miss the lions already.

Off the singapore now

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