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On the way to the Thermal Beach

Street Art Square, or at least what we called it

Street Art

Street Art and Artists

Street Art and an aspiring strret artist

They sell postcards of this one. Here's your own copy!

It is hard to imagine this is our last stop prior to heading back to the US!

Now there are not that many people that live in Iceland - 300,000, but 75% of them live in Reykjavik. So it's a bustling place yet with a small town feel. The 10k race was along a scenic course in the downtown area. Best of all, the wind only blew mildly during the race and the sun was shining bright. We didn't stay too long after the race, as "culture night" started later in the afternoon and we didn't want to miss that.

So all the wind that did not blow during the race blew during culture night. And with the sun lower on the horizon it was bitterly cold. We had on every warm bit of clothing we owned, but it wasn't enough. And judging from the locals in parka's piling onto the bus to head home, we weren't the only ones. But for as long as we lasted, it was entertaining!

One thing Reykjavik does have plenty of is swimming pools. Outdoor, geothermally heated complete with multiple hot tubs of varying temperature and water slides, it was hard not to convince yourself a daily visit was in order. So we did, almost daily. And after a while in the 42 degree (celsius) hot tub, overcast skies and strong wind are no longer a concern.

It's now time to pack our bags one last time and head home. What a journey thus far. Thanks for all your kind words and we'll be back in touch soon!


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