North to Alaska-2010 travel blog

Glacier Ntl Park

Inside Lodge at Lake McDonald

Tour car in Glacier

Stream in Glacier

Mountain view


Going to the Sun road

Mountain view

Trail we took at Logan Pass

St. Mary's Lake

Well we have taken a detour from our original plans. We left Seattle and moved on to Glacier National Park. Originally, we had planned to go back into British Columbia, on to Alberta, and then to Glacier National Park. But because of the forest fires in British Columbia and the resulting problems with smoke we decided we didn’t need to get in the middle of that. So we did a lot of hustling while we were in Seattle and cancelled those reservations and made some new ones. We had such great weather while we were in Seattle, I guess our luck kind of ran out. We stayed overnight in Osburn, Idaho and then on to Glacier – the closer we got the cooler it got. Our first night at Glacier it got down to 37 degrees! We were staying at about 3,000 ft so I guess that had something to do with it. The next day we went into Glacier National Park and drove the Going to the Sun Road – it is the main road through Glacier and is quite an adventure. At the beginning, it is a lovely drive through forests and along Lake McDonald. We stopped to look at the lodge at Lake McDonald. It was built in the 1930’s and is still quite impressive. When we walked out the back onto the terrace it overlooks Lake McDonald – beautiful and so peaceful. As I said it was cool that day and they had a roaring fire in the fireplace that was big enough to stand in – I just wanted to stay sitting right there. We moved on and the road started climbing and getting more narrow. There are sheer cliffs soaring straight up on one side and deep valleys going straight down on the other side (my side of the truck on the road up). As if that isn’t enough fun by itself they were also doing construction! A low stone wall was built along the edge back in the 30’s by the Conservation Corps and the contractor was rebuilding the wall and they were also repaving the road, so it was down to one lane in quite a few spots. We finally reached the summit at Logan Pass, which is 6,300 ft. We did a short hike there and then moved on to St. Mary’s, MT on the other side of the pass. There is another beautiful lake on this side, St. Mary’s Lake. Bad news is the only way back is the same way we came, so it was back over the mountain. We did have a few peaks of sun until we reached the summit and then it started raining off and on. That night it snowed up at the pass. Even though the weather did not cooperate Glacier is a spectacular park with unbelievable views. The next day was very cloudy and rainy so we just looked in some shops and had some huckleberry pie – local delicacy similar to blueberry. Huckleberries only grow wild, they do not grow them commercially, but they are very plentiful and they have huckleberry everything for sale.

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