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All the hydrants in Youngstown are decorated like British Soldiers or Colonists,...

Bright Sunflower field along the highway near town

Relaxing with our neighbors/new friends, Carolyn & Ray. They also have a...

A lovely warm day on the beach of Lake Ontario

Lots of recreation on Lake Ontario

We miss our sailboat watching this one fill out its spinnaker.

Larry & Gidget relaxing in the shade of our campsite.

This is rare - she normally doesn't like grass, but enjoys sleeping...

We are just relaxing and enjoying the shade of our campsite and socializing with our neighbors/new friends Carolyn & Ray with their tiny Shih Tzu, Teddie. Of course Gidget displayed her normal attitude to poor little Teddie who just wanted to be friends. After a while, she tolerated Teddie.

Weather has been warm to say the least (90's) but we have 50 amp for A/C and lots of shade from our tree. There is a little breeze from the lake which also helps.

Our time here is winding down (we actually added another day because we didn't want to leave). Leaving tomorrow to visit our friends back in Norwin Elks Lodge in Manor, PA. We were invited to come back for their Labor Day Weekend Family Picnic. Since it is a holiday weekend and might be difficult to find a camp site, it sounded like a good plan.

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