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Cathy had a morning meeting today for work followed by a doctor appointment. Rick & I rode to Novato to work with Jon to the park where our RV has been "staying" while we've played in San Fran. Rick & I took off around noon and headed north on 101 to Ukiah (where we were on Sunday at Nelson's Vineyard). We had time to get groceries and set up the RV - even get in some wine drinking and card playing before Jon & Cathy arrived around 9 pm.

After Cathy's appointments, she headed 73 miles south to Santa Cruz to pick up 2 paddleboards - to me they look like 10-12 foot surfboards. Guess they're very similar but you stand on them and paddle. She was able to get a great weekly rate there as opposed to renting by the day up in Clear Lake. She's really psyched...hope she enjoys her paddleboarding. Guess I will try to do it - but not sure about the standing up part!!

Clear Lake is 19 mi (31 km) by 8 mi (13 km) at its widest point. Average depth is 27 ft (8.2 m), maximum is 60 ft. Clear Lake is believed to be one of the oldest lakes in North America, due to a geological fluke. The lake sits on a huge block of stone which slowly tilts in the northern direction at the same rate as the lake fills in with sediment, thus keeping the water at roughly the same depth. Core samples of the lake's sediments,indicate that the lake is at least 480,000 years old.

Nice campground - right on the lake; we were 1 of 4 campers there - but have been told it will get crazy by the weekend. Tonight was bratwurst on the grill and potato salad with baked beans.

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