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I woke up early - dressed for a walk - and "snuck" out of the RV so as not to wake anyone. There was no one else up in the entire park, so I built a fire, and sat outside to read. It was so peaceful listening to the birds and waiting for this mini-village to come alive.

Our "house" woke up slowly - finally exiting around 9 am and gathering with tea and coffee around the fire.

Cathy took the larger of the paddleboards and headed down to the lake to try it. Guess there's different sizes for different type of bodies of water (ocean, bay, lakes, etc)..who knew? She liked the feel and sturdiness of this one much better than the shorter one. She paddled all around the cove while Jon took pictures and Rick and I dog-sat.

Came back and made awesome breakfast burritos on the grill. Think we ate around 11:30. Played cards and visited until mid afternoon when both Cathy and Jon went out on the boards again. Rick & I used the time to clean up the RV and ourselves!

Happy hour at our campsite was at 5 and then we went to Zinos...a French/Italian restaurant. Food was good - view of the lake was too. And this odd combination of food was accompanied by Japanese/Cherokee music. It was a regular United Nations evening!

Back to the campground - sat outside and smelled all of the campfires (we didn't build one this time)...listened as some of the campers wound down from the day...and some "wound it up". That group in particular was across the road, but on our bedroom's end of hte camper - they were still "whooping it up" when we went to bed.

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