Tony & Judy's Four Corners Trip Summer 2010 travel blog

Breakfast in Moab (Dick, Karen & Judy)

Tony, Dick & Karen

At the Visitor Center

In front of the Visitor Center

Judy & Karen

Karen & Dick

The 3 Gosips

Kissing Bears

Sleeping Lion

Balanced Rock

North Window

Parade of Elephants

Hands holding world

Delicate Arch

Lunch Time

Petroglyfs along Colorado River near Moab

Jug Handle Arch

At Castle Creek Winery along Colorado River near Moab

Hail at the Campground

Karen's Birthday celebrated at the Moab Brewery

At the Moab Brewery

Along with many other tourists, we drove the 48-mile loop road through the spectacular sights of the Arches National Park. It contains the highest number of natural stone arches found anywhere in the world. These natural wonders were formed over millions of years. The park floats on a bed of salt which once liquefied under the pressure exerted by the rock above it. About 300 million years ago, the salt layer bulged upward, cracking the sandstone above. Over time the cracks eroded leaving long fins of rock. As the fins eroded, the hard overhead rock formed arches. Many are named and we had fun putting our own names to the formations. We stopped for a picnic lunch in the park.

The four of us celebrated Karen’s birthday at the Moab Brewery.

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