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So I took Daisy across Puget Sound this afternoon and we headed for the Space Needle. It was easy enough to find and really quite close to where the ferry docked, so a short drive.

And then there was parking... I found a spot, really all too easy! So close to the Needle. Free! Public! Amazing! I parked, we got out, and I thought we'd go around the block and come from the Needle from a different angle than we'd drove in. Big mistake!

Bumbershoot is starting tomorrow and the Seattle Center is this gigantic mass of attached buildings and mini-centers all being decorated and gated off by crew and volunteers for the festival. Ugh! I think we walked 8 or 9 blocks before we could head in the right direction. Did I mention this city is like San Francisco? It's all steep hills up and down, with nothing level for very long. Much more exhausting to walk than usual. Daisy was a trooper but when we finally got around to the Needle again we were both overworked and tired.

We hung around for about 10 minutes in the chaos that seems to be this tourist attraction. Seriously, they have valet parking and people were running around everywhere. On a Friday afternoon? I wanted to enjoy the fountain by the Needle but figured I'd get run over by a crazy tourist!

Later, to add insult to my (already) injured day, I got a parking ticket. Yep! I can not run. I can not hide. I can not avoid parking tickets wherever I go. In the end, the "public parking" had a fee. One not indicated by any signs on the entryway I took, though I saw them as I EXITED the lot.

Later we mosied on over to West Seattle and found the little Alki Beach. Seemed very popular and there were tons of people there (again, in the middle of a Friday?). Dogs weren't allowed in the sand, on the beach so I couldn't dip my feet in there (probably for the best) but we walked along the beach for a little while and enjoyed the sun. It was a beautiful sunny day here today.

I haven't had a spot of rain since I've arrived! Tomorrow I think I'll stick to the Island as driving was just as terrifying as ever. I need to take little breaks from so much hastiness and crazy!

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