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Ascending toward Clear Lake

View along the way up





We drove FR 585 last night - lots of waterfalls

And higher still...

Pretty lady at a pretty waterfalls

Marmot getting some rays


Surveying the beauty which is everywhere

How about the tail on this marmot



Neat Jeep giving us room to pass

Small lake just before we got to Clear Lake

Our first view of Clear Lake

What a beautiful place this is.


Extremely clear water


Check out the road above the lake. We drove up this for...

Clear Lake from above

This kind of shows you how clear the water is

High up view of where we came from

Lots and lots of switch backs


Stirring up lots of dust on the way back to camp


Clear Lake is located about 4 miles off FR 585 at 12,000 ft elevation. The dirt road to it is quite doable with a high clearance 4 X 4 vehicle, but at times is very steep, and many of the 12 switch backs are very tight indeed. I managed to get up without any two point turns on these switch backs, but on the return I had to do a two pointer once.

What a beautiful little lake this is, and the water as it's name indicates, is absolutely crystal clear, and cold. No swim for either of us, but we did put our feet into it to check it out.

There's a dirt road that takes you above the lake which we took for a short distance, until blocked by the results of a substantial shale avalanche. We parked the Ranger and walked over the blockage to get better pictures, which was fine until returning to the Ranger. We were walking along on these rocks when we heard rocks moving above us. We couldn't see anything, but rocks were clearly moving, and they had no where to go but down on us. Needless to say we beat a very hasty retreat to the Ranger and got the hell out of there as quickly as we could. Quite a little scare for us!!

The lighting was by no means ideal for pictures, but we did the best that we could.

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