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Mountains in the distance

Didn't see any "mammals"

Before I got seaweed between my toes...

Daisy and I sitting on a log at the beach.

Mt. Rainier

Beautiful view from the park!

Driving in Seattle was... scary upon my first day arriving here, so I stuck to the Island today. First Daisy and I went to Battlepoint park but it was terribly boring, though we got a good walk in. It's actually flat there!

But we wanted to move on so we drove north to Fay Bainbridge park. I didn't know it was on the beach but it turned out beautifully. The sandy beach is covered in old, rounded logs and it's interesting to make it to the water. Daisy managed to jump from log to log without even falling! (A distance that would have been equal to her own height. So brave!) Once we made it over the logs I stepped towards the water. Daisy didn't approve so much...

All of a sudden a big wave came and splashed all over my feet and got the bottom of my pants wet. It was really cold! This ain't the tropics that's for sure. There was seaweed in the water but it smelled much better than Lake Michigan.

Viewing the two mountains in the distance was beautiful and there were a few shells and tons of smooth rocks. Check out the photos to see the view!

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