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Looking back at the highway

These layers were awesome


Main Street Calico



Love this one




I love the colors




great story


Great story

Gotta love these

This is the gal that stayed here until the sixties.. 1969's




You gotta luv it





Looking down from the top

Here comes the train

The mines

Well we did it… We got up early and didn’t spend as much time on the computer this morning so we could get an early start at the Calico Ghost Town… We arrived around 9:30 am after driving the whole three miles from the KOA to this delightful ghost town that has been brought back to life by the Knott’s family…. The same people that started Knott’s Berry Farm in the Los Angeles area. They re-created the Old West of the 1880’s the way it was during the times of the largest silver strike in California… Bill and I have been to several of these towns in our travels but this is the first one we have been to in 100 degree weather… Oh well, I don’t think the miners took off in the summer so why should we…

After paying our $6.00 per person admission we asked if we could drive into the campground that we didn’t know they had… Of course it was OK to do so and we found a great campground that had all the amities that we have anywhere except for a swimming pool… The campgrounds can fit any size rig and have full hook-ups or you can go to partial hook-ups with a dump station, tent area or cabins… They just finished building new bathrooms and showers last year and they looked great…. It is a lot cheaper then the KOA where we are staying and the fees there also get you into the park without paying the $6.00…. For any of you that like being out in the middle of nowhere but still have all the comforts of the city, this would be a wonderful place to stay a bit… I am going to put a link to the website in case you are interested… you can get all the info there… The park rangers told us that June –August are really hot and they don’t have a lot of campers there but starting in September it starts to get full, especially on the events weekends… They have a lot of events going on that sound like something we would love to see that start Labor Day weekend and go all the way thru May…

When we left this morning it was in the 70’s already and not a cloud in the sky….We started the walking tour thru the town stopping and chatting with the owners at each of the shops along the way… One of the most interesting things we learned is that there is still more than 8 million dollars of silver in these hills but it will cost more than 12 million to mine it.... The town boasts of 14 shops, a mystery shack (closed today), gold panning (we had already done that in the Yukon right at the river) The Lane House Museum (one of my favorites), a mining train ride (another of our favorites) 3 restaurants and Maggie’s Mine where we went on a walking tour down the shaft…,. It was different than the other silver/gold mining towns and we had a wonderful day until……..You guessed it… The temps climbed to well over 100 degrees and in the sun it is showing 125 as I am writing this..

Neither Bill or I could stay out in the sun any longer and even though we drove almost to the site of the Calico Early Man Archaeological Site, we could not continue the last few miles on an unpaved and ungraded road to see what the Archaeologists have found in the middle of the Mojave Desert about the early tools of man… We did get the brochures and can tell you that we were two miles from the find but it is just too HOT.

To give a quick recap of our day today we would say that Calico Ghost Town is a great place to visit… In the late fall, winter and early spring but we would not come back in the heat of the summer when we know that the temps are going to be in the 100’s…. But….We are glad we did it today. I took 123 pictures and will try to pick the best but you know me…I have unlimited pictures on our blog….

We will spend the rest of the evening either under the A/C or in the pool…

Tomorrow we make our way to Laughlin, NV where we will stay until after the holiday is over…. Sister Jan is going to drive from LA to meet us there and we are looking forward to it… We have already been promised a nice shady site at Don Laughlin’s Riverside RV Park and since we have stayed there several times before we know what we are getting into…. Yup…. More heat, but that is the only way we can make our way back to Florida without going way north so we will sweat and bear it…..

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