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the gorge

the start of our sedate walk

Natures window

the view through natures window

dont lean back.....

the view at the bottom of the gorge...then we remembered we had...

sunrise at Monkey Mia

more sunrise shots

the fins are getting closer

...and closer

eeek early morning shot...

feeding time

monkey mia

posing on the catamaran

Shark Bay

some old life form/rock things called 'stomatolites'

Ok so where was i?? Oh yeah rock climbing.

So after crawling out of bed at 6am our tour leader took us on a nice sedate walk in Kalbarri national park...well this is what the blurb on the tourism brochure suggested anyway. For future reference never ever trust a tour leader with a girly name (what sort of name is 'Kyley'??) when he tells you you are going to 'amble' anywhere. Luckily we had all had the foresight to change out of our thongs (flip flops) into our runners (trainers) as there is no way we could have done that 'walk' in anything else.

It started off ok with a little path leading to various natural limestone phenomenons like 'natures window' (photos will be added soon i promise), then he pointed down at the gorge below and told us we were going to walk down there. Nikki and myself believed him when he said there would be an 'aboriginee escalator' to take us down there but it turns out that the english translation of this is 'a lot of bloody slippy huge boulders' that take you down to the tempestuous gorge at various degrees of vertical drop! for an hour we were climbing down these boulders (i have to admit i spent most of the time going down the rocks on my bum, like a kid does when they first learn to climb down stairs)..when we finally reached the bottom we all gave each other a pat on the back and took pictures of what was a truly beautiful landscape. Whilst we were all getting trigger happy with our nikon's someone suddenly realised that what 'comes down must come back up' and nervously asked Kyley how this was going to happen. He grinned and pointed to a metal ladder that was tied onto the cliff face (i seriously am not exaggerated or joking about this part) - as if that wasnt scary enough, the bottom of the ladder was currently situated about the height of a 3 storey building above our heads...the only way up??? more boulder climbing. Can i also add quickly here that it had rained the day before for the first time that millenium (ok exaggerating a bit here) so the rocks werent exactly easy to climb. After about another 20 mins we reached the ladder and then gingerly made our way to the top. We were all exhausted and desperate for lunch but it was only 10am (its amazing how much you can fit in a day when you get up before midday) so we made him drive us to a supermarket (not an easy task in outer siberia - i mean western australia) to refuel.

The next night stop was Monkey Mia - the place we were all looking forward to the most as it was the home of the wild dolphins. When we arrived at our new hostel we were all over joyed to discover a swimming pool and hot tub and all promptly dived in. Ignoring of course the sign that said 'these pools are filled with Bore water' who cared it was dark and we couldnt see what Bore water was anyway.

The next morning our tour guide suggested that we get up for sunrise and wander to the pier to see the dolphins as about 200 people arrive around 8am for the feeding but at that time we would have it to ourselves. So brave souls that we are we all got up in the dark again and went and sat on the wet sand to wait for flipper. Any grumbles that did issue from our mouths were quickly forgotton when as the sun began to rise we started to see fins gliding through the water towards us. the ranger on duty filled us in on the family history's of each of the 10 dolphins that come in every morning for breakfast. Although they are wild dolphins the females of the pod come in every morning to get food for their young whilst the men stay out in the depths and forage for lunch. It was fascinating watching them get closer and closer and hearing them talk to each other. As it was so early there were no other sounds and the dolphin cry was eery but beautiful. they swam around our feet in the shallows of the ocean and we all took lots of snaps. Your're not allowed to touch of swim with them though as they are wild dolphins under protection (hence the rangers)but it didnt matter - as we were the only 12 people there you felt like it was a private show anyway. When we went back to the beach at 8am (we were off on a catamaran to see a bit more of the place) the place looked like Disney land with all the tourists and you were jumping up and down to get a good photo.. we all smugly walked past hugging our camera's with the best photos on them.

the afternoon meant more driving before arriving at Coral Bay..home to the ningaloo reef.

More on that tomorrow...he he i feel like im reading a bed time story and thats all for tonight to bed and more stories tomorrow.

love vikki x

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