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The clouds spoiled any viewing of the aurora or stars last night. But we did wake up to a full moon shining through the rear windows of our RV.

A hot shower, a hot cup of coffee, and breakfast - all the comforts of home. We have treated ourselves to a new breakfast item, that we discovered from our associate minister on our Colorado trip - fried biscuits. A can of cheap biscuits fried in a little butter cooks up nicely - about 2 minutes per side and you have hot biscuits. Add a patty of pre-cooked sausage - yummy. These really beat the frozen/microwave sausage/biscuits.

As we traveled south along the Richardson highway we witnessed the vastness and grandeur of the interior of Alaska. As we headed south from Delta Junction, the view of the Alaska range was spectacular. Alaska, is not just Denali. The view we had of the Alaska range in the clear blue skies and over the flat terrain leading to the mountains was breathtaking. As we continued south, the view of the fall colors along the glacial valley was awesome. As we traveled toward Glennallen, we had view of the many glaciers of the Wrangell mountains and Wrangell - St Elias national park.

We had lunch on the banks of a glacial river. We then continued back north and merged with the Glenn Highway and headed east. As we continued down the Glenn, we had many vistas of glaciers to the south. Yosemite and Glacier National park are spectacular. For some reason, we see that Alaska has such a vastness - that just seems different. All day we have commented on our impressions of our early morning view of the Alaska range and how spectacular the view was.

The view along the Glenn Highway varies from rolling terrain with a little fall color to the spectacular view of the glaciers to the south.

Our stop for the night is Grand View Café and RV park. Thanks to Grand View for our first wifi connection in a few days and the ability to update our trip journal. As a side note, we continue to see many RV’s from Great Alaskan Holidays. As I write this, there are at least 3 GAH RV’s at Grand View.

Our impressions for the day are really the majesty of God’s creation. We remember the Apollo 8 astronauts looking back at the earth and reading from Genesis. God created the heavens and the earth. You cannot witness this earth and see the mountains and the glaciers, the glacial valleys, and the rivers and this good earth and not believe.

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