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Seagypsy beach

Oldtown village

Me, Corinna and Sophie

My hut

Kantiang Bay beach

After several weeks of trying to find a job...with no result! and knowing helena is coming to visit in nov (jippie!), I decided to go back to south-east staying in australia for 2 month waiting will make me poor ;-) hello food, cheap accomodation and most important cheap beauty treatments :-D

will be visiting a girl i met in malaysia, she's german, living there as a diving instructor and who knows, maybe i will give the diving another go!

rain the whole week :-( so had a lot of time to catch up on sleep and trying out a bungalow without aircon...let's say, I can go to sleep with a strong fan, but waking up in your own sweat is never really, with taking way more showers i have to ask myself, what is better: wasting electricity or wasting water??? ;-)

visiting corinna was nice and i thought it would be nice to be around somebody i know for my birthday, but it was still kind of a sad day...everybody had to work, it was raining and we just went for some dinner, that wasn't really that great (well. that's what my stomach said anyway)! next year will be better, i am sure!

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