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An aerial view of Victoria Falls from our plane.

The famous white clouds of moisture emitting from the falls.

Arriving at Ruckomechi with Kevin, our guide for the ride, and being...

A glass of refreshing juice and a wet towel to refresh our...

Our tent at Ruckomechi.

A great view when brushing... notice the elephant in the distance.

A hippo running away after being disturbed by our pontoon boat.

Enjoying a sundowner with Laurie and Stu, fellow guests from Oregon.

The staff at Ruckomechi planned this surprise for our sundowner on a...

Since we are heading today to the Mana Pools area, there was no time for a morning game drive so we slept in… until 7 am and enjoyed a leisurely morning at camp. Mid-morning we took a ride to the local air strip to catch our chartered flight. Our first stop however was at Victoria Falls so our lovely pilot gave us quite a nice view before we landed to drop off some fellow passengers at the Vic Falls Airport. The film clip doesn’t do it justice but it was awesome! (The clip is too big; I need to edit it so look for a future upload.)

We landed at our camp’s semi-private airstrip. Only one other camp in the area uses it. As we went towards camp we got a good view of the area and some of the animals. It was mid-afternoon by now so many animals were having a siesta. Our guide Sean showed us where lions had been spotted earlier in the day but we had no such luck.

Ruckomechi lies on the Zambezi River, directly across from Zambia and their beautiful mountains which provide a breathtaking backdrop. There are 10 tent/suites in this camp and the other amenities found at our earlier camp. Each tent overlooks the river and is open to any animals which may wonder around. It is for this reason that after dark, guests are only allowed to move around with the escort of an armed guide. It is soooo beautiful here. You couldn’t stay at a more luxurious camp. The nearness to nature adds to the charm.

After settling in, we go for a pontoon ride to check out some wildlife native to this area. We came across many kinds of birds including carmines which had just arrived the week previous for their mating season. Like most birds they are a bit skittish so we could not get in close.

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