Where we camped in Livingston was just 50 miles from Yellowstone so we were there in no time. With my senior pass I didn't have to pay the $25 entrance fee.

The north entrance road is very steep and narrow, that's very narrow. There are lots of rented class c motorhomes on the road. We have talked to a few people from Europe who are vacationing here in rented motorhomes. They speak OK English but can't read the instruction books they were given. I have helped with things like putting fresh water in the tank and turning on the water pump. Well also, they can't drive. Maybe it's because for them they are driving on the wrong side of the road or maybe it's because the motorhome is wide and the road drops off a thousand feet but they can't stay in their lane. It's a challenge to keep from getting hit. After we got over the 7000 ft top we came across a big traffic jam. Some guy had run into a tree. The trees are kind of close to the road but come on.

Yellowstone was a big waste of time. Don't go there.

It is so crowded we couldn't see anything. Every few miles there is something to see but all we could do was cruise through the parking lots looking for a space to park. All day long we never found a place to park and if you did it would be wall to wall people looking at the attraction. I was talking to Don and he said he had listened to an NPR report about how over crowded Yellowstone is. 3 million people come here every summer. They reported that 4000 people line up to watch Old Faithfull go off each time. I wouldn't know because we could find a place to park.

If there is a animal along side the road everyone stops their car and gets out to take a picture. A lot of times there is no place to pull off the pavement but even if there is they just stop in the middle of the road anyway. You just have to sit and wait.

There haven't been any bad days on our trip until now.

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