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We are moving on the Leavenworth, WA. For the rest of our trip I am going to do one entry for each stop instead of a daily log because I can’t seem to keep up that way. When we arrived in Leavenworth, David and I were thrilled. It was like we fell back in time and landed back in Germany. We lived in Germany when we were first married and David was in the Army. The whole town of Leavenworth is like a Bavarian Village, all the buildings are painted and have an alpine feel to them, even the Post Office, NAPA Auto Parts, and Safeway – it is too cute. We even went out and had wiener snitzel for dinner! This area is the southern part of the Cascades Loop. The Wenatchee River snakes all around this area and is a great location for rafting or floating. The river is clear and a beautiful blue color. The Icicle River, which is smaller floats by our campground. We took Sage down there and let her retrieve a few times, we were giving her a bath but as long as she is getting to retrieve she is happy. The Wenatchee area calls itself the Apple Capital of the World and it makes sense because everywhere you look there are apple orchards. The Aplets and Cotlets candy company is a few miles away in Cashmere. It is still a family run company. If you are not familiar with this company, they make candy that is sort of jelly like with apples and apricots and nuts in it. We took a little tour (it was only a few minutes). As soon as David and I saw the assembly line we looked at each other and started laughing – we were both remembering that I Love Lucy episode were Lucy and Ethel were supposed to be packaging candy and were stuffing it in their mouths and hats. People on the tour probably thought we were nuts. Anyway, good samples. We drove to Lake Chelan which is a beautiful glacial lake between the Chelan Mountains and Sawtooth Ridge. It is sapphire-blue and is up to 1,500 feet deep and clear as a bell. We are having really warm weather here, so we decided to go back to Lake Chelan the next day also and take Sage with us. We actually waded into the lake several times throughout the day and just relaxed on the shore in our lawn chairs. Sage got to swim some too. It was just really nice to have a day to kick back and relax at a beautiful place. We loved this area and were sorry to move on.

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