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Leaving Manor, passing thru Jeanette, what the heck???

Large farmhouse above the hay field below

Entering the PA Turnpike

Our funny looking reflection

Wind turbines, not as many as Palm Springs area

Pretty milk farm

Through the Allegheny Mountain

Inside the Allegheny tunnel

Along the PA Turnpike eastbound

Up on a ridge now looking over the Appalachians

Thru the Tuscarora Mountain

Inside the Tuscarora tunnel

More Pennsylvania mountains

The U.S. is full of farmland

More farms . . .

Through Kittantinny Mountain

. . . then immediately into Blue Mountain tunnel

Weeeeee - rollar coaster road

Alfalpha crop in rear, soy in front

Exiting the PA Turnpike - time to pay up

Susquehana River near Harrisburg

Another view of Susquahana River

Heading northbound

Smaller rural hilly roads

Welcome to Pottsville est.1806

Our new campground on the Hitzel's driveway

We spent most of our time on the patio

Andy & Diane Hitzel, gracious hosts

Today we were off to Pottsville, PA to visit friends Andy & Diane Hitzel that we met in Alaska last year. Pottsville is west of Allentown in the coal mining hills. We took the Pennsylvania Turnpike instead of the rural roads that wound through the mountains and would take much longer. It cost us a total of $26.45 in tolls but it saved us time and fuel, and we got to go TURU mountains.

Andy installed a 30 amp plug for our rig (and for his rig too) in the garage and we had power, water and wifi at the Hitzel Campground. We also had some great camraderie and a nice patio to sit and visit. They live 2 doors down from the house that Diane grew up in which her cousin now owns, nice large lots with a view.

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