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All of us in the Car

Welcome to Chicago

The Bean

The Bean

Group shot before leaving Chicago

Iowa Welcome Sign

Iowa Flooding




We woke up in Chicago after a wonderful night at the Doubletree. Tommy and Kat went for a run on Lake Shore Drive, which borders Lake Michigan. Kat logged a lot of miles, while Tommy just ran for a bit and returned to the hotel. The next stop for them was Whole Foods while Karen and Bree took a walk to "The Bean". The actual name for "The Bean" is Cloud Gate, however it is more commonly referred to as "The Bean" because it looks like a legume. (A kidney bean.) This sculpture is located in Millenium Park and is gorgeous. Our walk was a bit of an adventure. We blame the concierge. We took lots of pictures, as you can see. Feel free to research this sculpture for more details. It is definitely worth seeing! A little drizzle in Chicago, but it didn't ruin our plans.

10:30AM: Departed Chicago.

12:30AM: Car has been running well. No real problems, except for some weather proofing detaching itself from the windshield. Bree had her windshield replaced due to a few issues with the rearview mirror and Safelite Glass didn't deem it necessary to replace the weather proofing. In retrospect, they probably should've. We called this the "Flying Snake" because that's what it looked like when it was flapping around in the air. We temporarily solved the problem by shoving the end of it into the sunroof to hold it in place. We purchased some duct tape at a gas station convenience store and Tommy taped the Flying Snake back into place. We haven't had a problem since.

There isn't too much to say about Middle America, but we spent a lot of time driving through it.

Illinois: Chicago, obviously. Also learned that it is Reagan's birthplace.

Iowa: We hit a serious accident on Interstate 80 West, but were able to detour, so no major delays. Iowa has also been hit with some major flooding very, very recently. Areas along the Interstate that are normally only grass, were now bodies of water. We researched this on our smartphones and found out that much of the flooding happened only days before. Apparently the University of Iowa was hit pretty hard and the floor of it's Basketball Arena was actually filled with 4 to 6 feet of water.

Nebraska: Omaha, Nebraska welcomed us. Only 454 miles to go! It's a very long, flat and boring drive through a very long, flat and boring state. The sunset was amazing. It seemed to last forever.

Denver: Arrived at approximately 2:15AM on 8/16.

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