We drove through more farm land in Alberta and still more in Montana. It all looks the same.

We took a jog east this afternoon and camped in a nice little RV park near the north entrance to Yellowstone. Tomorrow we're going to drive through Yellowstone.

We crossed into the US at Coutts Alberta and of course our radium tipped switches on the dash set off the radiation detectors of Homeland Security. They get all freaked out. It took about an hour and a half to get through security. They scanned both Jean and I, they scanned the bus from the outside and then inside, and finally I had to drive into a special building where the bus was scanned again. This time we were "entered into the system" what ever that means. I bet it means I'll never be able to get an an airplane again.

The one good thing is we got to keep our bananas. Everyone was having to give up fruit and vegetable that they had bought in Canada. They were so consumed by our radiation that they forgot about the bananas we got at the Walmart in Edmonton.

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