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our view for 24 hours

Nikki asleep on the train..doesnt it look comfortable..NOT

The Indian Pacific, our home for 6 days

Cook - the town of 2 people

It got exciting when we got to see trees!!

Lisa, Nikki & I celebrating our safe arrival in Perth

Us posing round the pool table..pretending we knew how to play

The pinnacles desert

more pinnacles

Emu wandering through the pinnacles

hangover bay...hence the sunglasses.he he

forgot to mention we went sandboarding

well that's a bit of a lie..the others went and i took...

pretty scenic shot

Lisa & Nikki before they hiked up the sand dune

Hello all

well i have finally found 2 minutes to actually sit down and type up an entry for my time in WA. Although i think its going to have to be 2 emails as i managed to cram so much into the last two weeks.

Ok where do i start? firstly Western Australia is possibly the nicest place i have ever been. Its a lot more quiet than other places i have been in Aus, there is less tourism and obviously a lot less people................boring fact time (be warned i have just read this book on Australia and am now full of boring facts so i will keep throwing them in occasionally)

1) In the UK per square mile of land there are 636 people living there. In Australia per square mile there are 6 people living there...yep 6

Before i went to WA this was just a fact on a page but now after doing that train trip and the whole of the West coast i can visualise it. Seriously, on the train journey for about 27 hours the only thing i saw was the odd eagle and a couple of camels. No people whatsoever. Apart from when we stopped at a town called Cook to 'refuel' and there was a thriving population of 2. There used to be 400 people living there but they have all got wise to the fact that there is bugger all to do in a 1000 mile radius and have hot footed it out of there. I was travelling on the train with my friend Nikki and we cracked up when we walked past the old hospital building and it said ' Help save our Hospital.....Please get sick'.

So we finally arrived in Perth which is the most beautiful city. Its still very young and clean ( i know that probably sounds random but its the only way to describe it)and you can imagine how amazing it is going to be in the future. We booked our tour and at 6am the next morning our bus rolled up to take us to Exmouth.

Another quick geography lesson for you. On our trip itinerary everything looked nice and sedate and close to each other. However when you actually look at the map you realise that the tour to Exmouth is the same distance as driving from Lands End to John O'Groats and a bit more. We had to do this in 5 days, whilst stopping off at various tourist hot spots along the way, then make the journey back in 2 days. Lets just say i have become extremely accomplished at sleeping on a bus.

So on the first day we drove 5 hours from Perth to our first destination Kalbarri. Stopping on the way at the pinnacles desert for piccies of rocks (im sure there is a boring fact/geography lesson to go with the desert but i wasnt really listening)and the very aptly named 'Hangover bay' for lunch. (Hey we had to celebrate our arrival in perth didnt we?). So we arrived in Kalbarri, all grabbed the best beds in our hostel..had the most amazing bbq (pls note that i have never eaten as well as i did on this trip, fresh food a plenty and i keep boring everyone about the individual details of each meal) and went looking for the pool table in the hostel. Nikki & i have become quite accomplished pool players in the last month or so, so imagine our horror when we discovered that the hostel didnt have any other form of entertainment than a group of Germans playing charades in the front room. So 5 of us girls (Nikki, Myself, my friend Lisa from Sydney, a polish girl and a girl from Stoke)decided to go down to the local pub for a game.

OH MY GOD..was that an experience or what?? We walked into the pub and literally the whole pub went silent and turned round to look at us. I think we might have been the only females to ever enter the pub since its opening..Before us were around 50 fisherman of various shapes & ages embroiled in the monthly pool comp. I seriously dont think that there can have been a dentist in this town, or if there was he was doing a rip roaring trade in teeth extraction as every single of the fisherman who turned round to leer at us gave us a gappy smile. Nervously we approached the bar and got ourselves a drink and sat down to watch the comp.

To be honest our first impressions of this hicksville town were wrong as everyone in there was soooo friendly and they invited us to play in the pool comp, let us pick the songs on the juke box (i was gutted they didnt have any Britney tunes)and were all genuinely interested in where the 5 of us were from. We ended up having a brilliant night and i finally started to feel like i was seeing the real australia.

The next morning we were up at 6am (and the next and the next and the next morning..hence my sleeping on the bus) and off to our next port of call. Natures Window & The Z bend....mmmm interesting rock climbing story to come but i think i will sign off for now and give you all a break (not to mention my fingers) before i continue my tale.

love to you all

Vikki x x x (and nikki & lisa)

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