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Local "wild" life crosses the road.

Volcano evidence

Firehole Canyon

Fast moving water

The falls


Elk enjoy the grass

Rivers Edge geyser

Buffalo grazing along the river

Looks like the Mom has 2 babies

A scene right out of the wild west

Big boy


Geyser Basin

Influence of geysers on trees

Iron content

Colorful flow

The color is caused by different algae and minerals



Bubble, Bubble, toil and trouble!


This one made a lot of noise



Doesn't look red

Many active thermal features

One going off

Looks cool but surface temperature could be 140 degrees







A smiling tourist

Colors are amazing

These flowers are blooming on the edge of the scalding water

Boiling pool


Colorful and HOT



Summer blooms a contrast to the stark volcanic landscapes


White Cap

Close up of White Cap

Dick's little pine tree with big potential

Grand Prismatic Spring

Run off into the river

Blue green pool




Old Faithful at rest

Warming up

A little splach to tease us

Could be starting


Back off a little

There she goes!






Slowing down

That's it

Elf family on our way home



Beautiful sunny day, perfect for going into the park. We went into the west entrance and headed south around the Grand Loop. So much to see in this stretch. The Lower and upper Geyser Basins, Paint and Mud Pots, and of course Old Faithful. Some wildlife was out and about. We packed a picnic lunch and found a shady picnic grove to enjoy it. Dick found a small pine seedling that he knows has great potential for the future. Hard to believe we spent the day in a large active volcano!

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