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the town of Grundafjordur

Waterfalls seemed to be as plentiful as sheep, and there are a...

Grundafjordur, a slightly different perspective

More sheep, I mean waterfalls!

On the way from Arnastapi to Hellnar

Are you sure that's the trail?

Volcanic cliffs along the Arnastapi to Hellnar path

A common sighting - beautiful moss covering lava rocks

No, I can't step back any further!

We take a lot of these type of shots - here's one...

And here's one of Julia's


What did she say!?

We're just sitting here, enjoying a day at the beach

Whattaya mean this doesn't look like a chicken coop!?

old, older and oldest

The Snaefellsnes Peninsula is about the size of the San Francisco Bay area peninsula. Probably the most startling difference is that the population of the Snaefellsnes peninsula is 4000. Our town, Grundarfjördur, is the second largest on the peninsula, with a whopping 1000 folks calling it home.

To simply call this peninsula stunningly beautiful is limiting. The nature, in such an scenic natural setting, is beyond our ability to describe. The photo´s we have taken probably will not do the place justice either. The hike from Arnastapi to Hellnar in Snaefellsnes National Park on a glorious sunny day will not leave our memory for long long time.

If you have been to Snaefellsnes peninsula before, you probably know what we are talking about. If not, we will add some photo´s in a few days that will help give you a better perspective of a wonderful location.

Oh yes, it´s cold here. Mid August and if the temp hits 60 degrees Fahrenheit (16 degrees Celsius) it´s time to head for the beach.

Tomorrow we head to Reykjavik for the Reykjavik Marathon and 10k. We are opting for the 10k as we sit here and sip a light beer. Then on August 25th, we are headed to Santa Cruz for a birthday celebration and to collect our lonely bicycles before heading out to Italy.

What a journey so far, thanks for following!


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