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Are you sure this is the right way

The view from our aparto. The Norrskar, a ferry celebrating its' 100th...

Julia rowing (or island hopping) us from one island to the next.

The island hopping done, now where is that dang ferry to take...

Island transport, personal

Island transport, business

Island transport, for those who can afford more than a row boat

One way to get the goods home from the lumberyard

This is gonna be cold!

Grand Hotel, Stockholm, with a darn rope in the way!

Time for a drink from the fountain of life

Letting the fountain of life soak in!

Julia and her new Swedish friends

You find all sorts sleeping on park benches these days!

Our departure date for Scandinavia was looming and not only did we not know where we were going, but how we would get there. So a new friend from Sweden, Per, whom we met in Klaipeda and again in Liepaja suggested to visit the Stockholm archipelago. Not wanting to sound like complete Americans, we resisted the temptation to say 'Stockholm has an archipelago?!' After a bit of research and a suggestion from another Swede to visit the archipelago, we looked into ferries and flights to Stockholm.

We picked out the Vaxholm/Bogesund hostel from a dot on a map and what a lucky choice that was. After 3 days of hiking in the Bogesund Nature Reserve, we needed to find alternative accommodation, as there was no more room for us at the hostel. Our search led us to the local Pressbyran (similar to 7/11) manager who helped us make a few phone calls. Then she asked what we were looking for and our simple reply - somewhere to stay. Naturally, she had a studio apartment available and after a few seconds look, we moved in.

An apartment overlooking the water and ferry landing, steps from the supermarket and our island hopper ferry passes in hand, we had hit the jackpot! We originally said we would stay for one week, then decided to stay one more. Bliss.

We island hopped for 10 days, visited Stockholm, by ferry of course, anytime we liked and lived like kings and queens in our studio (which just happened to be 1/3rd the price of the nearby hotel).

Now if you did not know Stockholm had an archipelago, well now you do, and the self proclaimed capital, Vaxholm, is a fantastic place to call home for a few days!


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