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Henry Lake, our campground is at the foot of the mountains on...

Sage covered

Can you see the cell tower? Who are they kidding!

Lazy river meanders thru

A horse ranch for Pam

Horses grazing

Ennis, Montana, we'll stop on the way back

Big Sky country

How much snow must they get to warrant this snow fence



Fishing is a big thing


Upscale Bozeman

Busy downtown street

Not the wild west town it used to be

Masonic Lodge

Horse statue


Majestic mountains

Weather moving

Ominious cliff especially if you were on the upper edge


This trip north took us past Henry Lake on the far side from where our campground is situated. It is a very pretty lake though you can't swim in it because of the leeches which are good for fishing bait apparently. The trip is beautiful up through the open space and big sky country. Bozeman, once a wild west town is now a modern city with all the modern stores, college, mall, businesses etc. Our first stop was a carwash so now we can tell what color our car really is. Then back to quilt shop to spend a little time and money. Across the street was a Masonic Lodge. We had watched a crane installing the horse statue the last time we were in town and this time had to take a few pictures. Our friend is a Mason and we love to tease him . . . is this horses a** a Mason?

We saw some scary clouds on the way home but didn't get wet!

The trip brought to mind "America the Beautiful" . . . .Amber waves of grain, purple mountain majesty . . .we live in a beautiful country!

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