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Highway bush stop

Oh Canada


HOME! A little overgrown, but home!

A work in progress............still!

Got up and had a quick breakfast of cereal and toast as we wanted to get moving and home. Hit Indiana before 9 and Michigan around 9:40. Traffic was good, weather a nice 82 but we lost another hour. It was nice gaining them on the way down but not so nice losing them. Guess that's like everything - who wants to lose anything! Had another bush stop but no bushes, no dumpster. We didn't even get off the highway!!! Another lesson learned - no coffee for Potty Boy #2 when he's driving!!

We had hoped to reach Sarnia at around 3:30 and we were bang on. It was so exciting as we got closer and closer to home and when we saw the Whitby sign it was all smiles. I couldn't wait to see the boys!!! We got home at around 8 and everyone was at home waiting for us. Big hugs and kisses all around. I sure did miss them.

Now that we are home safe and sound I have to thank Chris for his great driving (albeit a little fast) and to my angel for keeping us safe. Thank you both!!

We have so many wonderful memories of our adventure. ON the way home I asked Chris what his favorite part of the vacation was and of course expected to hear.........."being with you honey". But no, his favorite moments were the Sno Cap burger joint in Seligman Arizona and the sight of the fog rolling in over the Golden Gate Bridge in San Fran. Oh, and the pizza from the Pizza Barn in Nevada was pretty good too. And the Napa Valley wine tasting. (Imagine, beat out by a burger, a bridge and pizza!!!). My favorites was of course spending time with my husband!!! Then it would have to be Sedona, Arizona - the beauty! And the awe of the Grand Canyon, even if it was foggy. And seeing the old diners, railway and gas stations, hotels and saloons was exciting to think of how these places must have been in their hay day! OK, the chocolate malts are high on the list too.

There are too many wonderful moments to recant. It was an amazing once in a lifetime trip. So much learning, including the fact that we can survive 3 weeks together in close quarters in the van and camper. And not one punch was thrown in anger!!! We saw so many wonderful sights and met so many interesting people. But it's nice to be home to see the kids and be in our own bed. It was even nice to be home to see the mounds of cut grass on the front lawn. (It must have been pretty tall the last time it was cut, like perhaps yesterday!) The poolyard that the boys have been working on is still a work in progress, but they did a lot while we were gone. It's looking great, even with brown pool water!?!?!?!?! Now it's back to work and to unpack and clean. Our nice little white camper is now multi-colored with splats of yellow, red, brown, black and wings!!!

Would we do it again? As soon as they have flatter roads through the mountains!!! Even without, I would do it in a heartbeat!

Thanks Chris for your superb driving, cooking, the fun and the laughs. What an adventure!!!!!

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