Nancylynn and Chris do Route 66 travel blog

Bush stop!

Bush Stop

Rolling hills for miles of corn

Chris making our last dinner

Chris still cooking

NL waiting for dinner!!

Eating our last dinner........delicious!!!

Got a late start today. I woke up and wasn't feeling well so it was a slow start on the road at 9:45. As we drove further into Iowa it was starting to look more like home with rolling hills, cows, haystacks and corn. We are driving to make it home Monday night but have had to make a couple of emergency "bush" stops. Chris ran out of his pills so he needs to make more stops. He is now Potty Boy #2!! Once we almost made it to a tourist info stop but couldn't drive up the road to it. He stopped in the middle of the road and jumped out. At first I thought there was something wrong, like a fire. Nope. But if there was, he could have put it out!! There was a soccer game going on nearby and he was watching for "guests" so it took him a while to realize what he was putting on the leaves of the trees he was standing in front, was running right back on his legs. We had a good laugh, dried him up and headed out again. It wasn't long and he was squirming again! We managed to pull off at a rest stop but no bathrooms! However, they had a nice big dumpster to stand behind and without leaves!! We got stuck in traffic in Grenell, Iowa. A horrific accident where a truck hauling a camper got a sway, over-reacted and went over the media hitting oncoming traffic. The camper was smashed all over the road and the truck on it's side. I hope there were no kids in the truck and that everyone is ok. It spooked me though and now more than ever I was using that "S" word...............slow down!!! Got stuck in "road work" traffic so didn't make it to the other side of Chicago as we had planned. Will have to do a longer drive tomorrow. Pulled into camp at around 8:30 - our last night. Chris made a nice pork stir fry. It's also our last night in our little camper bed. :( It's exciting to think about being home and seeing the kids, but also sad thinking our wonderful vacation is over.

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