Mary & Jean Living the Dream - Summer, 2010 travel blog

What a perfect way to end the trip. Temperature was in the 70's and overcast. We got to clean the front of the motor home (get all the bugs off) and do some other chores that needed to be done. Dale and Mable were here this morning to give us a hand and bring a long-handle brush to scrub some of the grime. They just left a short time ago and brought us fresh zucchini and squash from their garden and freshly canned home-grown green beans. Thank you Dale and Mable for everything - dinner, wine, veggies, fire tongs, etc., etc.

We’re waiting for supper to finish cooking and are watching as a storm approaches. It’s so nice and cool here. Wish we could bring some of it home with us.

We had bad news today, also. Our dear friend, Shirley, from the HI-LO group passed away last night and I got a call that an old and dear friend from NJ had also passed away. We’re so glad we took this trip. Life can be so uncertain and I’m glad we seized the moments!

Many, many thanks to all of you who followed the blog; to all who made the effort to meet up with us on our travels and for all of your prayers and good wishes as we made our way across this beautiful country!

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