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We had 3 wonderfully relaxing nights at Yamba (well Palmers Island actually which is 10kms from Yamba). It was so quiet at night that we could hear......nothing! It was so dark outside and the stars were so bright. The kangaroos were not timid and we had them very close to the van. The birds were not timid either. Barry had a magpie go right up to him and start warbling at him. Last night there were only 7 vans in the park and all spaced out.

We went into Yamba a couple of times. The first time we had fish and chips. The fish was fresh and we chose the piece that we wanted and then it was cooked for us. I had Leather Jacket for the first time and it was yummy. Barry had Mullett and he liked that too.

The rest of the time we sat outside and read our books and made friends with the couple staying across from us. There was a frustrated 'woodsman' down the way and he spent 2 days chopping bits of skirting board up with his woodsplitter. He turned them into matchsticks and then burnt them! The noise was irritating, but you have to feel sorry for these old boys that are bored with the life of a traveller!!

This morning we left for Nambucca Heads. Several people have said that it is a good place to go. From the time we arrived things were not right. On the road in we both felt that we were not going to like the place very much. The Jeep got upset being there and kept getting hot. We couldn't find the caravan park. We argued about finding the caravan park (we are only supposed to do that in the supermarket!). We found a Big 4 which looked nice - lovely cabins and pool, treed area and easy access to the beach. Checked in, parked to go to the loo and then pick a site. There were about 12 teenage boys messing around - one nearly rode his bike into the Jeep. They were making an almighty racket. We thought they would quieten down soon enough. Then the guy that ran the park told them to clear off and they abused him and apparently one hit him with a stick and then disappeared to the beach. We picked a site and backed the van in. Barry was unhitching and I was getting the hoses attached etc when the boys came back very quietly with their tops around their heads looking like members of the taliban (faces covered). They went back into the childrens playground and were playing up. The lady that ran the park went to talk to them and take photos. They were abusing her and would not go away. We had two of them standing by the van taking no notice of us. Barry said let's go so we did. Hooked the van back up and got our money back. We left with the police chasing the boys along the beach. We felt that they were so full of themselves that they would be back and back again, so we would not enjoy being there. The lady told Barry not to bother going to the other park because they have the same problems - no worries there as we had already decided to go back to Port Macquarie. So here we are two days earlier than we planned! Oh and the Jeep did not get hot leaving Nambucca Heads!

We think we will be here for a week. We are staying next to the site we were on last time we were here. There is a tasmanian car and van on that site - so might check them out tomorrow :)

Time to put the kettle on.

Over and out.

M and B xxxx

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