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Welcome to Friday Harbor

Lavender farm on the island



Alpaca mom and baby

Alpaca baby


Ross Lake

David and Sage at Washington Pass

Today we are taking a ferry to Friday Harbor on the San Juan Island. We are going on foot, leaving the truck in Anacortes. It was a little foggy in the morning, but the Sound was smooth. It was an uneventful trip - a good thing. When we arrive at Friday Harbor it is starting to clear up and get sunny. We go buy a bus pass so we can see some of the island. While we are waiting for the bus to come we walked around town a little, it is a cute little town with a lot of shops and restaurants. When the bus arrives we take it to Limekiln Whale Watch Park. It is on a cliff overlooking the Puget Sound - you can see Vancouver, BC across the Sound. It is very windy and cool on this side of the island. We found a picnic table and ate lunch while looking for whales - no luck. After lunch we walked up to the lighthouse (it was not open). Never saw any whales, time to move on. Our next stop was an alpaca farm - they have the cutest little faces. There was a shop there selling clothing items made from alpaca, quite expensive. After that it was time to get back to the ferry port. The day turned out to be very sunny and pleasant. The trip back on the ferry was beautiful. We passed several other islands and there were homes dotting the shortline as well as many boats, since the only way to access these islands is by boat, ferry, or seaplane. There are about 7,000 people on the island we visited.

On Saturday it rained part of the day. We visited LeConner, a cute little tourist town near Anacortes. Anacortes had an art fair that day, so we also looked around at the art fair.

The next day we drove the North Cascades Loop. We have a book called The Most Scenic Drives in America. So whenever we are in an area David looks through the book for that area and we usually drive as many of the scenice drives as possible. The book has never steered us wrong yet - some are better than others but we usually see many things we might have missed otherwise. The North Cascades Loop skirted through the Cascade Mountains where there were many beautiful lakes, waterfalls and forests. The Ross Lake overlook was breathtaking, the water is an amazing blue-green and clear as a bell. The lake is 12,000 acres and snakes 25 miles through the mountains to the Canadian border. We continued our dirve to Washington Pass, the highest point on the North Cascades Highway, 5,477 ft. Luckily, it cleared up so we could see pretty far and get some good pictures. We had Sage with us, so when we went for a couple of hikes she went along - not sure she was too thrilled with that, but as least she was with us and she got a little exercise.

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