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We returned to the Crazy Horse Monument to get a closer look. We took a bus to the base of the monument. For $125 you can go to the top. We spent a couple of hours in the various building which are full of Indian art and sculptures by Korczak Ziolkowski. He designed the monument and died in 1982 before any of the main carving was started. They will not predict a date for the completion. Some say another 36 yrs or so. Most of the work is done by his children under the direction of his wife. They started the project in 1948 and the face was completed in 1998. When we left the monument we drove the Needles Hwy. It is loaded with 15 mph hairpin turns and six tunnels.Some of the tunnels are only 9 1/2 feet wide. Check out the photos. We then returned to Custer S.P. and the Wildlife Loop. Our friends the burrows had a vehicle surrounded looking for food. We had diner at the Blue Bell Lodge. Bison Meatloaf and a 22 oz Fat Tire.

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