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View Of Tiwanaku From Distance (Behind Bldgs, Ha)




Heading Out of La Paz...View of Part of City...And Haze!

Caught a minivan/bus out to this site in the dropped us on the highway at the road into the town so we hiked to the site which was in the middle of a flat plain. The site itself is raised up and my own feeling is that too much has been done to restore it...altho there is much that gives pause and makes one wonder at the age of many of these same kind of sites with huge, carved blocks transported from quarries many km away. The only explanation the guides have is they used logs (there are very few trees nearby) and llama grease, hmmmm! Some of these as you see by the pics are many tons in weight and even with humans lifting them (they would crush any logs after only a few hundred meters at most), there isn't enuf room around them for several hundred humans to get a grip!! I say, hey, archeologists, get a grip yourselves!!

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