North to Alaska-2010 travel blog

The oldest and youngest - Karl and Vicki

Herm and Georgia - wagonmasters

Nick and Jan from Michigan

Bicycle path by RV park

On Wednesday, 4 August we looked around Anacortes a little more and I did some laundry - nothing too exciting. That evening we had our farewell dinner at the clubhouse at the RV Park. The clubhouse is very nice and the dinner was catered (no potluck this time). Herm talked about the tour and different people spoke about what they enjoyed the most and their favorite things we did. The dinner was delicious and everyone ate and talked a lot about all the things we did and saw. It was pretty emotional - you become very attached to people when you have spent this much time with them and enjoyed so many wonderful things together. We would highly recommend the caravan experience to everyone. It is nice having things planned for you and you just show up - we know from past experience how much time it takes to plan for a trip, especially one this long. Fantasy Tours goes the extra mile to make it a wonderful experience. We took many tours that I am sure we would not have taken if we had been on our own. There was no pressure to do anything - it was there if you wanted it, if not, no big deal. I was very apprehensive before the trip about traveling with people I didn't know and that part turned out to be the best part of the trip. Getting to know the people and enjoying the trip with them was one of the highlights. I am sure we have made some new friends that we will see again in the future. At the dinner there was some talk about having a reunion in 2012 and guess who they asked to make the arrangements? David, of course. They want to meet in Branson. So hopefully that will happen and we will see many of them again. Our final meeting was the morning of August 5th for breakfast. There was a lot more talking and some tears. Some people left right away for home or other places. A few were staying a few more nights there. We moved on to a different RV park in Anacortes. I was very sad to leave them behind - we had such a great time! I hope you all have enjoyed hearing about our great adventure - it was that and more. Never fear - we are continuing on our own for a few more weeks, so if you are interested, stay tuned for more adventures and pictures.

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