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As soon as Helen got out of the car the sheep fled...

Pretty mountains

A short drive north brought us to Wanaka, another resort town much the same as Queenstown but a bit smaller and less touristy. Similar setting with the lake and mountains, but sadly the weather had closed in so we couldn't see a thing! They get a lot of low cloud here which just hangs in the air seemingly only about 20 foot above the ground, it's very odd.

Wanaka does hold a treasure though, Puzzle World! There was a big maze which was a lot of fun, and several rooms which mess with your head in various ways. The first contained lots of holograms which really seemed to come alive if you looked at them from the right angle, the second room was covered in heads which seem to follow you around the room, very spooky! There was also a room which looks normal through the window but is actually much higher on one side so that standing in one corner you look huge, and in the other you look tiny. We had lots of fun with that since they'd hooked up a camera with a delay so you could watch yourself. The last room had a sloped floor so that everything looked like it was at an angle, they had water that appeared to run uphill and other wierd things, very clever. The cafe had loads of puzzles on all the tables that you could play with, we spent a couple of hours being frustrated and feeling a bit stupid when the staff came along and did them in about five seconds!

There was also a great Irish pub in Wanaka and it made for a pleasant stopover on the way back to Christchurch.

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