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Since my last post there has been some action.

On Saturday Barry went to an antiques fair and found a Welsh policemans jacket and helmet from the 1950's. I stayed at the park. In the late afternoon Chris and Kaye arrived and we went to the Kingscliff Bowling Club for dinner - it was ok - typical bowling club.

Sunday morning we picked Chris and Kaye up and went for a walk along Kingscliff beach and then had coffee before they went home. More relaxing for us after that!

Monday was Barrys birthday. In the morning there was a lady in the laundry who I thought looked familiar and when she spoke I was sure I knew her. She is a close friend of Joan and Ken's from Oxendon. She told me that Joan and Ken had been invited on this holiday, but couldn't make it - my goodness I as so pleased to hear they were not there! We went and said goodbye to them this morning and they asked if we were going to Adelaide - we just said no and left quickly after that.

We went for a drive along one of the tourist routes through Salt, Hastings Point, Pottsville, Mooball (where we met a Tassie lady who is selling up and moving back to Tassie), and Murwillimbah. I took Barry to Georges Paragon in Kingsliff for dinner and as the girls were paying we splashed out and had 3 courses - the dessert platter was diving LOL! We thought the meal was cheap (was silver service and the food was faultless) - yesterday we found out that if you sit down by 6.30 it is half price! We sat down at 6.30 exactly - lucky! Needless to say we could hardly move afterwards and couldn't go to bed for a while.

On Tuesday Barry came back from rthe shower block and said there was a fire in the caravan park. We watched the smoke and heard explosions. Some people came by and said it was a tree, which we thought was strange as the smoke was very think and black and went on for ages. It was a caravan - one of the permanents - and unfortunately the 69 year old lady did not get out. The feeling around the park was understandably unpleasant so we decided to go to Robina shopping centre to get away and rain was predicted. By the timne we got there it was bucketing down. The shopping centre is massive and Barry coped very well with being in there and not complaining once or saying that Dr Mee has said he shouldn't be in shopping centres! We were there for hours and then went to the Tweed South Sports Club for a couple of hours. Got very wet doing the chores when we got back to van.

Yesterday we decided that as the weather was still very wet we would stay at Chinderah for another day. We went to Tweed to vote and then did some shopping. After lunch we went to Kingsliff for afternoon tea and read the papers.

Today we packed up and left - we had a farewell committee which was lovely. We met some great people at Chinderah and although they have all known each other for years, they made us feel welcome.

We are now at Yamba. Barry found a Big 4 park which is outside Yamba (we haven't been in the town to explore yet) and surrounded by sugar cane. It is an old cattle farm so has 100+ acres of trees, and wildlife. We have so much room around us - it is lovely. Not busy either. We will miss hearing the low flying aircraft and the semi trailers brakes - but I'm sure we will manage LOL!

Time to go and explore the park.

Over and out

M & B xxxx

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