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myself with Gail and Dan Brogden in front of their motor home...

This past week we became a three-body home again (Rick, me and Anna). Jamison went home to his mother and new step-father on Monday, August 2nd. We really enjoyed having him from July 21st through this past Monday, but also thanked the good Lord when his grandma Emily wanted him the night of the wedding and his father wanted him for the weekend July 30 through Aug 1. On that Saturday evening we enjoyed a pot-luck dinner for all the birthday people in our friendship group. Seven out of the twelve of us there have birthdays between July 25 and August 19.....what are the odds!

We took a lot of naps on Tuesday - yeah I know, only old people take naps. We obviously felt old that day.

Tuesday afternoon would be our first view of the Jerome County parade from the side-lines. We have always been participants representing the title company. It felt odd to simply watch but we definitely enjoyed it. The weather was HOT and we were'nt walking - we were enjoying the shade from Oops City Market store-front. Immediately afterward Rick continued his traditional shift of volunteer work at the Catholic food booth. I went home and took another nap.

Wednesday was a great day! Gail and Dan Brodgen (& Kasey their dog) made an extra stop on their way to Seattle from Illinois. We met Dan and Gail at the Rv-dreams rally last October in Kerrville, TX. (Brogden's website: They were spending the night at the Three Island Crossing campground in Glenns Ferry which is about forty-five miles west of us. Then on to Washington state so they could see their daughter and grand children before reporting to duty for their summer work-camping job. It was so exciting to see our new friends again. This was the first time we were able to re-unite with anyone from the rally. We sure met a lot of wonderful people in Texas!

Thursday - nothing special.

Friday:Rick was scheduled to participate in the annual Tri-Tip cook-off which all proceeds go to breast cancer prevention and treatment in our community. At four forty-five he was all ready to go with his pink shirts and jazzed-up black aprons in hand when the fire call came in. I did my best filling in for him. I didn't have a clue what I was doing so I asked a lot of questions once I got there. Rick was finally able to join me at about nine.

Saturday we went to the fair again to watch the rodeo. Jaime Valdez, the son of another volunteer fireman was competing in the Junior Bull Riding championship. He did well.

At 7:30 this morning we took a three hour walk with our friend Dan Norris exploring the south side of the Snake River canyon. We walked from the waste water treatment plant to Auger Falls - about 2 miles west. There was a big fire two weeks ago that was so fierce that it climbed the 500 foot walls and burnt up property owners decks, fences and trees at the top edge of the canyon. The damage was extensive but the rebirth of plant life has already begun. Absolutely amazing. (sorry, no pics)

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