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Oh dear all the weight seems to be going back on.

Swimming in the spring water lake

The first spider in the cave

Peter the Bat, the first bat we saw in the cave

The "baby" spider on my hand

The centipede


More Bats

White Buddah in the Cave

Bats leaving their cage to go looking for food

Up and out the hotel by 8.30am as our train to Pak Chong was at 10.05 so that should give us plenty of time, as we only have to get to the skytrain which is about 5 minutes taxi away, then one stop on that and two stops on the metro and we are at the railway station.

Got the taxi, at 9am we are still in the taxi and not yet at the skytrain station. We are now looking at each other worried about whether we will make our train, luckily by 9.10am we are at the skytrain and by 9.35 we are at the railway station with plenty of time to spare, its so hard to judge Bangkok traffic. Got the train, arrived at Pak Chong, the people from the guest house werent there to meet us as arranged. We eventually got a taxi to the guest house, apparently they were waiting for us to ring them, I wish they had told us that. Well we arrived at the guest house, from the outside it was just a roadside cafe, but we were greeted with a warm smile and the offer of a 200 or a 300 baht room, hey for the extra £2 lets go for it. The room was basic, but clean and had what we needed, apart from hot water. Luckily we arrived at 2.10pm and the afternoon tour left at 3pm, just time to drop our stuff off and get some lunch before we leave. Lunch was a superb Thai red curry, We got the truck with bench seats in the back to do the afternoon tour of the national park. First stop was a a small lake, fed by a spring, where we all dived in and had a swim, The water was clear if a little cold, although the local kids put us to shame by diving in from the tops of the surrounding trees. After thirty minutes of swimming, it was time to get out and visit the caves. We went down into the caves, being informed that what we are not visiting is a bat cave because there are only 800 bats there and that is not enough to classify it as a bat cave, the 5 bat caves in the national park have over 3 million bats in each.

We entered the cave, and found huge spiders on the floor. Joe the guide, picked them up and put them on our hands, arms, shoulders while everyone photographed them. Including one he put on my hand, that was apparently a baby, didnt look or feel like a baby to me but apparently they grow to 5 times as big as this.Joe found a large centipede too and everyone photographed that. We then moved further into the cave looking at bats, the further we got into the cave the lower the ceilings and the closer the bats are to you. They were flying around just above our heads, its a good job their sonar systems were working properly. Not only did the cave contain bats and insects, but it also contained, buddahs and shrines, as the monks go down there at night to meditate. There was a large white buddah just before we left the cave that was particularly impressive. We then got back into the wagon and were taken to a point where we could view the bats leaving a proper bat cave, that contained many million bats. The sight of them leaving and flying out together and being blown bt the wind, but all staying in a line was breathtaking, especially when you consider that this exit from the cave goes on for at least an hour. They start to leave the cave at around about 5pm, to hunt for food and return at about 1am. Now it was our turn to leave as, the now ritual early evening rain had arrived with a vengance. So it was back to the guest house and dinner. I tried the green curry this time, which was nice but not as nice as the red one. A few beers later, a brief use of the guest house computer and it was time for bed, as everyone seems to go to bed here very early.

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